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Here at Channel 5 we are driven to be involved in this community in many ways. We are working on becoming a part of the Canby High Schools Media Production class and assisting them on developing their class into a program. This would be a win, win, win for everybody, CHS students would have the opportunity to learn advanced production and live production techniques with Channel 5. Canby High School athletics would have a crew for the live broadcasting of their events on Channel 5 and Channel 5 would have crew for taping community events throughout our town. This would all happen while the students are earning co-credits, at Canby High School as well as Clackamas Community College and gaining a head start for the Media Production Program at the college.

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Public Access Cable TV Studio
351 NW 2nd Ave


CTV 5 is a resource for the entire community, it is one of my duties as the Executive Director to ensure that the equipment necessary to produce programming is up to date, and in good working order for anyone to use. As a member of this community this is your studio to use but as the Executive Director I will ensure you have the knowledge and ability to produce shows and movies for broadcast. Throughout the year we will have a number of on-boarding events that are intended to spark community interest. After this there are classes that you will be required to take and pass in order to use the facility and equipment. After you have passed the required classes you will then have stepped access to the equipment, computers and facilities. Once you reach the top tier you will be considered a "Senior Producer" which will give you full access to the CTV5 studio and equipment.

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